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Our preserves are handmade using the freshest and best ingredients we can purchase. No artificial preservatives or colours are added and our hope is that after tasting you too will feel that our products are Specialty Preserves.


Brunch in style!

AnneE's Brews jams are a taste sensation. Perfect for a simple snack, a family meal or a gourmet meal.

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AnneE's Brew Preserves

AnneE's Brew preserves turn a cracker into a gourmet meal!  Entertain in style or just treat your taste buds to the glory of home made products made from Australian grown produce.

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From our 'Cocktail Range'.

Fresh, Australian grown fruit paired with some of the most popular alcoholic bevarages for a taste that will delight the palate.


Real fruit. Australian grown!

 AnneE's Brew Chutneys

Not only can you taste the fruit, you can see it. No preservatives or fillers. Just fresh Australian produce, herbs, spices, and love. Treat yourself, you owe it to your taste buds.


Yes!! We do mail orders!!

Gift bag with three small jars. Perfect for any occasion.

The perfect gift for any occassion.

Treat family and friends to the gift of wholesome, hand made jams, chutneys and preserves from AnneE's Brew Specialty Preserves. 

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